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GYM in fitness-club «Formula»

Health, strength, beauty, endurance.
A visit to the gym is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and to constantly adjust your body to suit your desires.
Wellness SPA Formula Club invites you to a large 450 sq. M. meters gym, for those who want to be healthy, strong, beautiful and resilient.
Our gym is equipped with fitness equipment: Life Fitness, Precor, Hammer Strenght, which are included in the TOP of the best simulators of the World.

The gym Formula Wellness SPA Club presents a large line of simulators, thanks to which you will not wait until the simulator you need is released. The gym of the Formula Club, in order to increase the efficiency, convenience and safety of customers, is divided into zones: functional training, free weights, block simulators, plate loaded Hammer simulators and cardio simulators.

The gym is equipped with Life Fitness cargo block simulators with excellent biomechanics and a convenient adjustment system. The Hammer Strenght line of simulators and the free weights zone will allow you to successfully accomplish the assigned tasks of building up muscle mass and increasing strength indicators. Cardio-zone, including Life Fitness treadmills, elliptical trainers (excluding shock loads on the joints), staplers, various types of exercise bikes will allow you to effectively lose weight and improve cardiovascular system performance.

In the gym of the Wellness SPA Formula Club you will be met by a wonderful team of our highly professional and qualified trainers. We will develop for you individual and effective training programs taking into account all the features of your anatomical structure of the body and age. How to lose weight is safe for health and for a long time, how to gain muscle mass, how to get a slim and healthy body - you can do all this together with the professionals of the Formula club gym.
Being overweight is not just a problem of our appearance. Although fat people really look older than their age. Obesity is one of the main causes of early death and disability.
Excess weight is a kind of someone else who settles in our body and steals the health, beauty, youth and joy of life itself. Since this is a complex problem, it is very difficult to get rid of excess weight using only diets or exercises. And very often, after a heroic effort, we again gain even more kilograms than we lost.
Therefore, if you really want to change your appearance and well-being, you will have to change your lifestyle. It’s best to start doing this with us. Under the guidance of experienced doctors and trainers. In the right atmosphere and environment like-minded people who, like you, want to change their lives.
The only property that belongs to us until death is our body, the carrier of the soul and mind. And the highest need of man is the need for creation.

Body sculpture is a complex path of creation. But every man and woman who has seen changes in the mirror and caught admiring (envious) glances knows how great is the reward and pleasure. Add to this a sea of ​​energy, sexuality and self-confidence. And you will understand why body sculpting is so popular among successful people. Body sculpting programs in the Formula are an integrated approach: exercises, nutrition, dietary supplements and procedures under the guidance of experienced doctors and instructors.
The service is included in the club card
Many problems in the muscles, joints, ligaments and skeleton, in the cardiovascular system are hidden in nature and occur only during exercise, causing injury and painful conditions.

We are the only ones who build individual training programs based on the results of preliminary diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system.

Diagnostics - it is your confidence that the training will most effectively lead you to your goal, with benefits for your health.