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We help the child to develop properly, instill the habit of a healthy lifestyle, form the strength of mind and leadership qualities.
we approach the health of the child in a complex
Therapeutic physical training is a medical discipline that applies special physical exercises for therapeutic, rehabilitation and preventive purposes

Physiotherapy – a special careful program for the competent physical development of children and the correction of problems of the musculoskeletal system, if they already exist. A simple but effective complex, consisting of general and special exercises, is intended not only to help in the formation of correct posture, but also to strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, appetite, and enhance the adaptive, physiological and psychological abilities of the child. Call! The simplest methods are the most reliable!

Dynamic and addictive ball and racket game for accuracy, endurance, stamina and speed.

For the little fidget, any gaming activities are one of the best ways of physical development. According to Forbes, squash is the most healthy sport, and besides, it allows you to increase not only the speed of reaction, strength and endurance, but also the speed of decision making. You can start playing from the age of 4, and this game does not require any fundamental abilities and skills. On the contrary, just in the process of training, coordination of movements and attentiveness are developed. Want to give your child the physical basis of life success? Call us!

Boxing (for 14-17 years old)
Classical methods of general physical training, plus a quick study of the technique of punches and movements for active protection.

Everyone knows firsthand about the benefits and advantages of boxing – this is general physical training, strength, endurance, and a good skill of active self-defense. Education discipline and character are also inalienable advantages of such classes. Boxing is a proven classic. If a teenager needs to develop a reasonable confidence in himself and lay the foundation for harmonious physical development – this is the most competent decision. Call! The group of 14-17 years is already recruited!

The dynamic development of strength, endurance, flexibility and vestibular apparatus.

To understand that little Alina Kabaeva is growing in your family, you need to allow such talent to manifest. Gymnastics with a competent coach is what the child will thank you for, even if he does not become an Olympic champion. Grace, flexibility, power, skill of automatic control of the body – a small part of what a girl gets in her life, as a child in gymnastics. Bring your little princesses now, and very soon they will surprise you with their success!

The most popular form of martial arts. This is not only a complex physical fortification and perfect tempering of the spirit, but the mastering of combat techniques of self-defense.

Such a variant of physical activity, like martial arts, always requires a little more from a pupil than just physical education. However, it is immeasurably more interesting and guarantees a completely different result. Karate classes are impossible without an understanding of philosophy, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that the child develops intellectually and emotionally. Calmness, balance and discipline always go hand in hand with good reaction and mobility of the whole body. Come, it will be interesting. And the child, and you!

Training and improvement of sports swimming techniques, starts and turns, excellent strengthening and development of all muscle groups.

You cannot dive into the sea in winter, and it is easy to dive into our pool with the most advanced salt water purification! Learn how to swim, start and unfold, just swim, train and even treat your back. The pool for the child and the adult – both the big advantage, and pleasure. Even if your tomboy swims better than you, it will never be superfluous to correct the technique or teach proper breathing. And if he does not know how, then it’s all the more time for us. We will teach swimming technically and competently distributing forces.

Me and mom
A lesson in the water for the smallest (from 2 to 4 years old) together with the mother, who, under the guidance of an instructor, helps her baby to get comfortable in the aquatic environment.

As sooner child goes swimming, the easier it gets there, especially if there is a mother next to him. And an experienced trainer will help to teach a child to feel free in a new environment, because it is very important to acquaint your child with the elements without causing fear and rejection. Children of 2-4 years with great pleasure swim with their mothers, they easily get used to and use the capabilities of their bodies in the water, and the benefits of such activities for the physical development of a child cannot be overestimated. Come today, because children grow up so fast!

Swimming, rehabilitation
Lessons using elements of sports equipment that symmetrically and evenly develop the muscles of the corset and the ligament apparatus of the spinal column.

If the doctor has already diagnosed a problem with the musculoskeletal system of your child, in particular, with the spine, then rehabilitation swimming is the best means by which you can gently and effectively correct the violations. Not only a qualified instructor, but the environment itself will not allow uneven tension of the supporting muscles and ligaments. If you already have a doctor’s prescription, then you should not pull it – the sooner you start working with the problem, the easier it will go! Call  us today!

Увлекательное и познавательное достижение гармонии, укрепление мышечного корсета и суставов, тренировка гибкости.

Детская йога — адаптированная методика, не уступающая, однако, по эффективности занятиям со взрослыми. Фитнес для детей с нашими тренерами превращаются в увлекательную игру, в которую маленькие спортсмены очень азартно включаются и с удовольствием осваивают позы «лягушки» и «собаки».

Если Ваши дети больше склонны к спокойным занятиям, и слишком активные игры его не привлекают, то йога — это как раз то, что нужно. Звоните, приводите малыша на занятия, и скоро вы сами убедитесь в их эффективности и пользе!

Fly yoga
A unique system of development and recovery. Performing exercises and asanas in special hammocks relieves the compression load on the spine, eliminating the risk of damaging the muscles of the back and neck.

The new direction of yoga, with an even more careful and neat attitude to the spine and joints. Classes are held in special hammocks, reducing the load on the spine and eliminating the risk of injury to the neck and back. Children always need a special approach, they have only one motivation – interest. Give your child an exciting and useful workout! We are sure he will be happy to attend classes and delight you with his health.

Sky jumping
Revolutionary children's fitness program of exercises on round trampolines with special handles. Fun, provocatively, efficiently.

Where is the first thing the child runs in the park? On the trampoline! It has long been time to use it for good. Our wonderful trampolines with a special handle allow you to jump around without harm to the health of children and the psyche of their parents. The child will ask for these classes himself, even if it is impossible to drag him away from the tablet and the TV with anything else. The fascination of Sky Jumping can compete only with its benefits for the musculoskeletal system, muscular system and coordination.

The most common language of international communication. The sooner your child starts to study it, the easier it will be for him.

To know English in a city where a foreign language is constantly catching the ear is an absolute must. And often in our arsenal there remains exactly that level of language that we managed to master in childhood. Therefore, it is important to instill in the child an interest in understanding and learning foreign languages ​​as early as possible so that in the future he can improve his knowledge on a solid basis acquired in childhood. Call and join the group today, knowledge of the language is something that will never be unnecessary!

Communication ABC
Formation of the first moral and aesthetic ideas about the world and the best qualities of the human person. Game and creative development of mental and cognitive processes.

The most important task of modern parents is to create a safe development environment for the child. “The ABC of Communication” solves this problem in the best way, allowing in an interesting game to deal with important aspects of the world and to create for themselves an idea of ​​the best human qualities.

Do not forget that it is important for a child to have a diverse social circle and switch to simple games from serious activities. Come and very soon you will notice the changes that will certainly please you!

Vocals and theater classes
The fascinating development of the artistic and creative abilities of the child as a full-fledged versatile personality.

Acting skills are a set of skills for managing your body and voice. For an adult – a real challenge, and for the plastic psyche of a child – another game. This is one of those skills that remain for life and will certainly come in handy in life. Vocals are not only the ability to sing, but also to hear music. Musical harmony, is able to instill in your child a sense of beauty, which is becoming increasingly important in such a diverse world. Do not miss the opportunity from childhood to give your child a unique and important self-management skill!

A great way to develop logical and spatial thinking, to stimulate creative activity, to develop fine motor skills.

The ancient art of origami is taught in Japanese schools from the very first classes precisely because it is a great way to develop fine motor skills and spatial imagination in children of any age. Acquaintance with the main figures – the basis for geometry and drawing in the future, the development of aesthetic sense, diligence and ability to finish the job started – these are just some of the skills that your baby can develop in a month if you call today and join the group

All classes are held in groups by age criterion (from 2.5 to 17 years). Only qualified trainers and teachers with specialized education work in the kids club. A wide variety of activities will allow your child to not only develop comprehensively, but also ensure his health for many years to come.
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Many problems in the muscles, joints, ligaments and skeleton, in the cardiovascular system of your child can be hidden and manifest only during physical exertion, causing injuries and painful conditions.

We are the only ones who build individual training programs based on the results of preliminary diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system.

Diagnostics - it is your confidence that the training will most effectively lead your child to the goal, with health benefits.
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Since 2006, our Children's Club "Formula" has become a real family for its students.
Many of those who grew up and matured in our club, now found their place in life, became parents themselves and come to us with their children.
After all, they know - in the Children's Club "Formula” there is everything you need for personal and social development.
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