Face cleaning in Odessa

Facial cleansing - a step towards perfect skin
Daily washing with expensive products do not bring results? Do not be surprised, because the problems usually lie somewhat deeper and the surface cleaning only serves to support the condition of your skin. Most of the emerging problems originate deep in the pores, where the mouths of the sebaceous ducts are located. It is because of their too active work and it is usually necessary to clean the face from a beautician, helping to get rid of interfering acne, ugly black dots and other similar troubles.

What is the difference between a professional procedure?

Unfortunately, many people believe that you can remove acne and other skin imperfections at home. This statement is fundamentally wrong, because if you do a face cleaning without sterilizing the instrument and perfect hand disinfection, the consequences can be very sad, even to almost irreparable cases of skin lesions. We should not forget about the much greater trauma of home procedures - usually this does not pay enough attention to the preparation of the skin.

At the same time, professional cleaning of the face in Odessa implies the preliminary application of loosening gels or steaming, which significantly simplifies further actions, making them less coarse.
The main advantage of the work of professionals in Odessa can be called the use of a full set of special tools and additional tools, resulting in a mechanical face cleaning gives the following results:
Getting smooth skin with peeled pores.
Normalized level of sebaceous excretion, protecting against the recurrence of similar dermatological troubles.
Healthy color of your face, especially well noticeable one day later after performance of cleaning.
When facial cleansing is done, the price also includes the use of a number of cosmetics that speed up the metabolic processes.
You will also notice a decrease in puffiness, due to the fact that acne will no longer squeeze blood vessels.
Is such procedure available to everyone?
It is quite natural that practically any cosmetological actions have their own contraindications. In our wellness club in Odessa, we are attentive to such cases, making sure that the cleaning only goes to your advantage. In general, deep facial cleansing may be contraindicated in the following situations:

1. Acute herpes with rashes.

2. Dry skin, indicating insufficient sebaceous excretions.

3. Increased fragility of blood vessels, incompatible with the use of mechanical means.

4. Bronchial asthma, eczema and a number of other diseases.

Contact our wellness club in Odessa and soon you will learn what real cleanliness is!