Cycle in Odessa
Wellness club “Formula” offers cycling in Odessa on the most favorable terms. To your attention: affordable cost of services, highly qualified trainers, convenient schedule, modern rooms and professional equipment that meets the standards in force in the international space.

Definition and peculiarities of cyclic training

In fact, the Cycle is a group lesson organized through special simulators. Externally, the latter resemble exercise bikes presented in gyms. However, their device has significant differences. Cycling is characterized by high energy consumption. Training is accompanied by stimulating music and constant coaching control. Its effectiveness is associated with a constant change in pace and level of loads. Regulation of the intensity of training is possible thanks to the control of:
    • cadence;
    • degrees of resistance;
    • body position.
Cycle in Odessa offers many sports organizations. The club “Formula” gathered in its staff highly professional trainers who can accelerate and improve the results of clients. A professional individual approach, based on a deep theoretical base and long practical experience, shows quick results: positive changes in the figure become noticeable after several weeks of classes.

Benefits of Silent Workout

Everywhere on the planet there is an increase in the popularity of Cycle, Odessa is no exception. This is largely due to the high efficiency of training, with a minimal load on the joints, which cannot be said about fitness, aerobics, and running. The main advantages of cycling:
    • quick weight loss;
    • elimination of cellulite;
    • figure modeling;
    • endurance training;
    • beneficial effects on the respiratory apparatus, cardiovascular system;
    • removal of toxins from the body;
    • mood improvement;
    • raising vitality.
Odesa does not limit the choice of cyclic training. We offer to pay attention to the services of the club "Formula". Intense physical activity for some categories of people carries risks of a different nature. Before admitting a person to classes, our specialists diagnose his health status.