(Русский) Если вас интересуют занятия ЛФК в Одессе, целесообразно обратить внимание на услуги от велнес-клуба «Формула». Мы реализуем стратегию, основанную на профессиональном подходе и нацеленности на результат. Выдерживание определенного режима, регулярное выполнение индивидуально подобранных упражнений позволят восстановить физическое здоровье, вернуть работоспособность. Активный образ жизни является залогом успешности, уверенности в собственных силах. Данные факторы играют ключевую роль в современном жизненном ритме.
Instructor role
A good instructor in Odessa, as in any other city, is a rarity. In addition to knowledge of the principles of physical rehabilitation, he must competently monitor the health status of the applicant, assess the degree of his readiness for the healing process. His responsibilities include compiling a personal training program and correcting the existing regime, based on a thorough preliminary analysis. Club "Formula" responsibly approaches the selection of personnel. Each exercise therapy doctor in Odessa is the best of its kind, as it has professional skills, extensive experience, and special education.
In fact, physical therapy is a method of treatment, rehabilitation, using the main strength of the body - physical activity. It is used as a recovery tool after surgery, injuries, or other injuries. Exercise therapy possesses indispensable properties in the treatment of pathological processes of various origins: osteochondrosis, scoliosis, and other deviations.
Exercise therapy for children
Children's exercise therapy in Odessa is very popular. This is due to a positive effect on the child's body.
If Odessa is your region of residence, LFK for children at a highly qualified level will be provided by the Formula club. The list of our advantages includes equipped halls that meet existing standards and modern international standards. We guarantee affordable LFK services in Odessa, the price of which meets the requirements of democracy.
In addition to the general strengthening effect, the correct physical lead can correct:
development of early acquired, congenital diseases
skeletal deformities
manifestations of bronchial asthma
psychomotor retardation