Hair mesotherapy in Odessa
Hair mesotherapy is the solution to most problems.
Hair health begins with healthy and properly working bulbs, which means that when confronted with real problems, one can hardly hope for “miraculous” shampoos and similar external means. As the most effective therapy for multiple indications, hair mesotherapy has long established itself, reviews of which demonstrate the real benefits and reliability of this procedure. Of course, this will relate only to the results of the work of real experts of this business, such as in our wellness center in Odessa.
How does this technique work?
Since the main purpose of the procedure is to enhance the dormant bulbs and improve the work of others, mesotherapy for hair implies the need for targeted delivery of the necessary drugs and nutrients directly to the scalp by injection. At the same time, the composition of injections may be different, depending on the indications and individual characteristics, which allows to achieve positive results in the following common cases:
Hair loss
Most often, mesotherapy in Odessa is used precisely in this situation, since it is still the only truly working method.
Dry and brittle strands, as well as split ends
Considering the fact that the hair can only be affected at the stage of their growth, only exposure directly to the bulbs can give a result
Premature graying
Odessa hair mesotherapy can also help with early loss of pigmentation, allowing you to forget about the need for regular dyeing for a long time.
Seborrhea and dandruff of different origin
The direct introduction of drugs into the scalp makes it possible to eliminate such unpleasant diseases, regardless of whether they are hormonal or fungal.


Properly performed mesotherapy head Odessa copes with a wide range of problems, acting exactly where it is needed.

It is quite clear that injection administration can not do without flaws, however, they fully overlap with the advantages offered by Odessa mesotherapy. Since during the procedure multiple punctures of the skin will be performed, you will definitely encounter an itch, though not too severe.

In addition, you will need to follow some simple precautions after the session. If you have chosen mesotherapy for hair treatment, the price of reliable fixing the result will be relatively small: you will need to be careful of prolonged ultraviolet radiation (tanning beds, sunlight) for the next two days, and also stop using additional treatments and sauna. Otherwise, you will remain completely free in your actions.