Myostimulation in Odessa
Myostimulation of the body is a simple and useful technique.
There is a prejudice that any fitness should be a tedious and time-consuming exercise that requires a huge amount of effort to achieve results. Fortunately, this is not the case, because you always have an option available, which is often called “passive fitness,” namely, myostimulation, the price of which in Odessa can be considered a very reasonable contribution to health and figure. It remains only to understand in detail the features and advantages of this procedure.

Principle of operation and results

In fact, the effectiveness of all exercises can be assessed in terms of the intensity of muscle contractions when they are performed. In the case under consideration, during myostimulation, the necessary muscles will be forced to contract under the action of a current passing through electrodes located in the right places, which allows one to obtain the following results without any extra effort:
The whole process takes place in the comfort of our wellness center in Odessa under the full control of experienced professionals. Working with a professional-grade myostimulation device, they will easily select the current strength for you, which will allow you to get the maximum effect from practice without any discomfort.
Toning up
It is important to note that myostimulation for the body can effectively improve the tone of even the most “problematic” muscles, the quality of work with which in normal sports activities is considered almost impossible.
Improved body relief
Repeated contractions under the influence of small currents lead to stable muscle growth in the absence of excessive physical exertion.
Fat Reduction
Due to the activation of metabolism and stimulation of lipolysis with a simultaneous increase in the tone of the skin, myostimulation for weight loss works especially well, reliably coping with both regular and cellulite fat


Unfortunately, Odessa miostimulation may not be available to everyone, and the point here is not at all in price - this type of effect on the muscles in some cases is justifiably considered unacceptable, with complete safety in others. So, to refuse such an option of losing weight and strengthening the body will have in the following situations:

  • Any malignant and some number of benign lesions.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Use a variety of metal implants or a pacemaker.

  • Inflammatory processes of any origin.

  • Injuries to the skin.

  • Individual sensitivity to electrical current.

  • Tuberculosis.

    • With the exception of these contraindications, myostimulation in cosmetology is completely safe, however, for complete confidence, it is necessary to consult with a specialist from our wellness center in Odessa, who can thoroughly evaluate all indications and possible undesirable factors.