Wrapping in Odessa


GENETIXSLIM program (1 h 15 min) Price: UAH 1700

ERICSON LABORATOIRE - professional dermatocosmetics for the care of the skin of the face, body and bust in Odessa. The brand has the highest reputation in the field of medical aesthetics on all continents, is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, in most of them is the market leader in salon procedures! And all this is due to its innovativeness, high efficiency and brilliant aesthetic results!

Cosmetics from ERICSON LABORATOIRE are the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology, genetics, biology for creating innovative components and complex care. The most modern production methods, compliance with strict European standards allow creating not only effective components, but also the possibility of their deep penetration and targeted impact. Effective and safe active complexes, fully compatible with human skin, are created in conditions of close synergy of natural sources, methods of biotechnology and chemical synthesis.

Wrapping G

The line of genetically active drugs GENETIX SLIM is designed to reduce excessive body fat and body shaping. It represents a new generation of means capable of influencing the genetic apparatus of cells and leveling the influence of hereditary factors on the accumulation of extra kilograms and the development of cellulite.

Professional body care GENETIX SLIM is an innovative and highly professional program to reduce body fat, which allows you to perform body correction and treat cellulite in Odessa, without resorting to surgery and other traumatic and expensive procedures (injection, hardware cosmetology, etc.). Wrapping helps: fight excess fat deposits, reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves skin elasticity.

 Innovative slimming care. Works with the genetic factor of excess weight. Suppresses a gene, under the influence of which protein synthesis occurs in fat cells. It slows down the growth of adipose tissue, blocks the growth of the number of fat cells. Eliminates the effect of "orange peel", improves skin tone.

Moroccan wrap MORJANA

Medina's Treasure Body Ritual (90 min) Price: 1300 UAH
This amazing ritual will take you to the tale of Medina, and green tea and exotic verbena will envelop you with the scent of an oriental night to give a feeling of freshness and lightness of air. The ritual is aimed at detoxification, elimination of dead cells of the epidermis, removal of fatigue, hydration, nutrition, relaxation.
Ritual for the body "Flavor of spices" (90 min) Price: 1300 UAH
This ritual will take you to an amazing sunny garden with a delicious aroma of juicy oranges right in Odessa. Anti-cellulite wrapping, puffiness removal, volume reduction, moisturizing, nutrition, relax.

Centro Messegue T-SHOCK Spa

T-SHOCK wrap (90 min) Price: 1400 UAH
Jean Klebert Baldan Group is a world-renowned Italian company specializing in the production of cosmetics for luxury professional SPA-care.

The basis of Jean Kleber cosmetic products is thermal or seawater, which fully corresponds to the SPA concept (“Sanitas Per Aquam” - “water recovery”). Other ingredients - natural oils and extracts of plants in high concentration make the care of Jean Klebert not only effective, but also incredibly pleasant.

Excellent aromas in combination with the active effect of natural ingredients, no parabens and dyes - all this provided the Italian brand Jean Kleber with incredible popularity among professionals and among consumers in Odessa and the world.

Wrapping T-SHOCK will not only get rid of excess volumes, but also clearly see this. The peculiarity of the procedure is the measurement of “before” and “after” volumes and the use of only two products: gel and salt for band wrapping.

Wrapping is easy and enjoyable! Special gel with extracts of medicinal plants, combined according to a unique recipe, is applied to the body. Next, the body is wrapped in elastic bandages, pre-soaked in salt. An hour later, measurements are taken in our spa in Odessa, clearly confirming the decrease in body volume.

Modern cosmetological procedure with bandage wrapping with a pronounced drainage and detox effect, thanks to a unique combination of herbal extracts. Helps to improve skin tone, elimination of toxins and excess fluid.