Chocolate wrapping in Odessa

Germaine de Capuccini Spa Program

Chocolate wrap (90 min) Price: 1400 UAH

GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI is the market leader in the beauty industry in the production of a line of cosmetic products for chocolate wrapping. This is the first Spanish manufacturer in the field of professional cosmetics and its permanent headliner

Story. A distinctive feature of this brand is the use of effective and unique ingredients that give a stunning noticeable result after the first visit.
Goodies chocolate wrapping
body cleansing
prolong the youth of the skin
activation of weight loss processes
therapeutic effect on muscles and joints
vessel strengthening
elimination of edema in the legs
blood circulation stimulation
treatment and prevention of cellulite
The program contributes to increased effects on adipose tissue, elimination of toxins, eliminates venous congestion, restores metabolic processes, strengthens and nourishes skin tissues with minerals and vitamins.