Степ аэробика в Одессе

Step aerobics in Odessa - improving together!

Effective training does not necessarily have to be boring and tedious. The best proof of this is aerobics with a steppe, a special plastic platform projectile that sets general principles for the classes. Having survived the peak of popularity a couple of decades ago, the technique remains relevant, attracting a minimum threshold of entry, ease of development and a reasonable load distribution. Due to the variability of the approaches, the aerobic step may include strength or cardio elements, while simultaneously burning calories. Due to group performance, the power step aerobics helps to learn teamwork, working in general with the surrounding space.
(Русский) Преимущества метода
  • The most effective cardio load, which helps to accelerate weight loss at speeds up to 500 kcal per hour.
  • Safety for joints. Unlike various types of athletics, running, jumping and the like, step training eliminates blows at comparable energy costs for losing weight.
  • Special emphasis on the lower half of the body, often suffering from additional body fat, successfully removed by cardio workouts.
  • Prevention of the destruction of articular tissues, especially important for persons with sedentary work.
  • Improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, reducing the likelihood of common ailments.
  • Step strength training is used to prevent problems caused by obesity and develop endurance.
  • Adjusting the difficulty and speed of losing weight by changing the height of the platform.
  • Strengthening bones, preventing problems in adulthood.
  • The possibility of full-fledged self-study with a minimum price after mastering group methods.

Aerobic exercise in the group. Advantages, price.

Choosing a coach in Odessa, it is important to understand that group training allows you to see the mistakes of others, improving your own technique of doing exercises. It is important to note that the step aerobics prices are quite pleasant precisely because of the actual separation between the group. Any individual classes in Odessa would be much more expensive. In addition, such a collective aerobic contributes to the expansion of the circle of communication among like-minded people, without, however, forcing them to get acquainted with the other participants of the classes.