Tango in Odessa
Odessa offers tango courses in various formats, organization methods. Wellness club "Formula" - the best solution for lovers of quality service, professional approach, reasonable spending of funds. Our services are at a high level, while the pricing policy remains affordable, acceptable for the average visitor. Experienced certified trainers are at the same time repeated winners of international competitions, they will be able to find an approach to each client, to reveal their physical and emotional potential.
Tango - a sports component
The tango school in Odessa at the Formula club guarantees a lot of benefits to visitors. First of all, we are talking about physical activity sufficient to:
keeping fit
body correction, correct posture
burning a lot of calories
modeling attractive reliefs
improved coordination, body flexibility, smooth movements, grace
beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system
increase vitality
Emotional sphere
Our tango classes in Odessa are able to give a lot of unusual emotions and impressions. Being a source of inspiration, lessons guarantee a powerful charge of energy, pushing to new achievements. As a result, well-being, mood improves, self-esteem, self-confidence increase. Therefore, dances can be viewed from the point of view of an antidepressant that can relieve emotional overstrain caused by stress and fatigue, add variety to monotonous everyday life.
Tango lessons in Odessa from our highly qualified trainers are a way to make new acquaintances, establish contacts with interesting, versatile people. In dance, a man is given the opportunity to show leadership qualities, to feel the significance in the eyes of a partner. A woman is always pleased to feel led, weak in relation to the strong half of humanity.
In tango, only the quality of the dance matters. The success of the dancers depends on their skill, ability to hear, feel the music and partner. Social status, professional sphere, age limits do not play a significant role. The art of dance is available to people of different financial situation. This is evidenced by the low cost of lessons.