Thai boxing in Odessa

Thai boxing section in the Formula club

The huge benefits to the body, combined with an exciting training process, make Thai boxing more and more popular. Do you want to practice this type of martial arts with the best trainers? We invite you to the Formula WELLNESS club for regular group and individual training! Even beginners will be able to achieve significant results, getting the most out of the training process.
Reasons to do Thai
boxing for children
and adults
A variety of martial arts allows you to choose an activity that corresponds to the physical form, state of health, personal preferences of a person. The Thai boxing section is a great idea for many reasons:

    ✅ emphasis on defensive movements , which are useful for self-defense;
    ✅ there are no age restrictions - the sport is suitable for adults, children, people of advanced years (subject to good physical training, lack of medical contraindications);
    ✅ special protective equipment is used to minimize the likelihood of injury;
    ✅ development of various muscle groups of the body, legs, arms;
    ✅ the opportunity to build a professional sports career
Thai boxing in Odessa also makes a variety of positive effects attractive:
    ✅ removal of chronic fatigue syndrome , providing a positive energy charge;
    ✅ gradual strengthening the immune system ;
    ✅ normalization of blood supply, prevention of heart disease;
    ✅ activation of metabolic processes, weight loss;
    ✅ maintaining excellent physical condition;
    ✅ achieving good coordination of movements, attentiveness, determination;
    ✅ development of plasticity, grace;
    ✅ discharge of accumulated negative energy, development of stress resistance.
Optimal conditions for classes in our WELLNESS club
Efficiency and sensations from the training process directly depend on the place of employment, the professionalism of teachers, the general organization. We tried to make the participants of the section as comfortable as possible, while the price of a Thai boxing subscription in Odessa pleased with the availability.
convenient class schedule
skill, experience of the coaching staff
spacious, bright rooms
availability of necessary equipment
equipped recreation areas
wide range of additional services
(SPA treatments, massage, cosmetology, personal lessons)