Vacuum massage in Odessa
Apparatus vacuum massage - quick disposal of fat deposits
Older people are familiar with the principle of applying a vacuum to the skin on “banks” with dubious efficacy in the treatment of colds. Cosmetology, in contrast, successfully uses a vacuum massage of the body, allowing to optimize the lymph flow and blood circulation of the skin, contributing to the destruction of cellulite. Hardware variants of the technique also serve to strengthen the skin, which is especially important in the postpartum period or after a serious weight loss. Such an anti-cellulite procedure, which uses in addition to the apparatus itself, which provides a full-fledged vacuum anti-cellulite massage, additional funds in the form of massage oils, gels and similar additives, guarantees a significant efficacy in the destruction of fat deposits. Among the main advantages of the method, it is worth highlighting the smoothing of stretch marks and preventing the formation of new ones, due to which the vacuum massage of the abdomen and sides is particularly popular in Odessa.

Advantages of the hardware option in Odessa

The controlled process of anti-cellulite hardware effects is far superior in safety and effectiveness to attempts at home to carry out the procedure. Naturally, given the cost of professional equipment, for such a vacuum massage, the price will be slightly higher than the independent “experiments”, but the consequences of the latter can be extremely unpleasant. Burns, hematomas, inflammations - this is an incomplete list of the likely consequences of inexperienced application of vacuum to the skin. Such a price for the elimination of cellulite can be considered completely unacceptable. Vacuum massage from cellulite on the sides and abdomen, made by experts in Odessa, will allow you to get the desired effect without the slightest risk.
Possible contraindications
Vacuum massage is an absolutely safe method of quick solution of unpleasant cosmetic problems, available with a wide range of diseases associated with the accumulation of fat.

In addition to obvious contraindications, such as wounds and inflammations on the abdomen and sides, there is also the following number of undesirable circumstances for a session:
Cardiovascular diseases
Lactation and pregnancy
Presence of varicose dilatation in the massage zones
Problems with blood clots